NCRBC Objectives

  • To initiate, sponsor, promote and execute policies and activities that will benefit the Bulgarian community;
  • To serve as a collective voice for its members;
  • To provide assistance and support to Bulgarians in need, both in Canada and in Bulgaria;
  • To maintain and preserve the Bulgarian national identity, cultural traditions, values, language, and religion, especially among the younger members of the community;
  • To share the best of Bulgarian values and cultural traditions with the rest of the Canadian society;
  • To inform its members on legislative, social and business issues;
  • To promote good public relations and to increase the general public awareness of the skills and abilities of Bulgarians in the National Capital Region;
  • To promote contacts with Bulgarians and people of Bulgarian descent in the rest of Canada and North America;
  • To promote friendly relations and goodwill between Canada and Bulgaria through social, educational, cultural, economic, commercial and other activities and exchanges.